2020 Donations & Academic Awards from Polonia Centre (Windsor) Inc.

2020 Donations & Academic Awards from Polonia Centre (Windsor) Inc.

Polonia Centre (Windsor) Inc. is committed to promoting our Polish culture and traditions as well as supporting activities which strengthen the fabric that binds the Polish community making it successful within our Canadian Society. The Organization owns and operates the Global Maintenance Company which provides the source of revenue to meet our mandate.

For the past 30+ years, the Cultural Committee of Polonia Centre (Windsor) Inc. organized the Annual “Dozynki / Harvest Festival”. The event features the traditional harvest activities celebrated in Poland and promotes the accomplishments and achievements of our Polish youth in Windsor. We also present our annual donations in support of Polish Organizations, and others, that mirror our mandate. Due to the restrictions imposed by Covid-19, this year’s event was cancelled, but our commitment in support of our community has not faltered.

2020 Donation & Sponsorship Recipients

· Polish People’s Home Association – Renovation $30,000

· “Tatry” Song & Dance Ensemble $10,000

· Holy Trinity RC Church – Building Fund $ 7,500

· Polish Ursuline Sisters of AHJ $ 5,000

· Polish Language School $ 5,000

· Polish People’s Home Ass. Anniversary Book expenses $ 4,000

· Polish Canadian Business & Professional Association $ 3,500

· Leddy Library at the University of Windsor $ 3,000

· Windsor Public Library $ 1,600

· Polish Canadian Student Association of Windsor $ 1,500

· Polonia Windsor White Eagles Sports & Recreation $ 1,000

· “Polskie Nadzieje” Vocal Group $ 1,000

· Polish Varieties Radio – WNZK 680/690 AM $ 1,000

· “Appreciation Lunch” for Windsor’s 1st Responders $ 1,000

· Polish People’s Home Ass. Easter Basket Campaign $ 1,000

· Visla Volleyball Club of Windsor $ 750

Our Academic Awards Program recognizes the achievements of our Polish youth. This year 10 students shared a total of $23,000. The list of recipients is posted on this website under “Polonia Centre/Polonia Centre Academic Awards”.

Polonia Centre (Windsor) Inc. has awarded over 1.2 million dollars in donations, sponsorships and academic awards since our incorporation in 1978.

Prepared by:

Halina Roznawski, Vice President

Polonia Centre (Windsor) Inc


The 100th Jubilee celebrated by the Congregation of the Ursuline Sisters of the Agonizing Heart of Jesus

The 100th Jubilee Thanksgiving Mass from Sisters’ Chapel in Warsaw

On June 7th 2020,  the Ursuline  Sisters of the Agonizing Heart of Jesus from all over the World  were celebrating the Milestone Anniversary – 100 years since their Congregation was  founded by St. Ursula Ledóchowska in Pniewy, Poland.

As we could hear in the beautiful  “Song of Trust”, the Congregation consists of many  Sisters in the communities in the following 14  countries: Poland, Philippines, Russia, Belarus, France, Canada, Ukraine, Finland, Germany, Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Tanzania and Italy. The Motherhouse and shrine of St. Ursula Ledóchowska are located in Pniewy in Poland. The Generalate is in Rome.

Our heartfelt congratulations and thanks are extended to the entire Congregation for Sisters’ dedication, tireless work  and unwavering commitment to the communities blessed by their presence. May the Grace of God continue to shine upon you all in the years to come.


“Song of Trust” compilation – courtesy of Sr. Weronika Kafarowska



Congratulations and Happy 100th Birthday Sister Malgorzata Gorska!

Sister Malgorzata as the Mother Superior in the year 1965 just after arrival to Windsor and today

On this joyful occasion, on behalf of the entire Polish Community here in Windsor and the rest of Canada, we  would like to send our Beloved Sister Malgorzata Gorska our best wishes of love,  good health  and all the Blessings of her Patroness St. Margaret Mary Alacoque. We are very grateful for Sister’s presence here in Windsor during the last 55 years. Dear Sister, please  accept our heartfelt thanks  for all  your help, wisdom and love shown to anyone who had an honor and pleasure to meet You. May God   keep You  in the palm of His Hand  – now and always.

Shopping and errands assistance

Initiative by the Polish People Home Association Community 

– shopping and errands assistance. 

Anyone who needs help with groceries, picking up prescriptions etc., please  contact Michael Slusarczyk at (519) 991-5515 or by emailing:  ent.magna@gmail.com.

In this time of trouble and uncertainty, let us lend a helping hand. We will bring your groceries or any necessities to you providing you with the receipt for refund after purchase and delivery

This is an advertisement  and initiative that is sponsored by the Polish People’s Home Association organization and does not necessarily reflect the views or implicate the position of Polonia Centre. We continue to urge safety and to follow precautions, recommendations and guidelines issued by the Government and Health Officials.



Polonia Centre (Windsor) Inc. – MILESTONE

Polonia Centre Logo 90 x 90Over 1 million ($ 1,035,300.00) in Donations and Scholarships since inception in 1978. Polonia Centre (Windsor) Inc. was established in 1978 and operates with a 12 member Board of Directors. The Organization promotes cultural, educational, charitable and sporting events by organizing these events or by providing financial contributions within the Polish community in support of events. In 2017, our total donations in Sponsorships, Donations and Awards  reached a new record level of $169,800. $100,000.00  was donated to the Holy Trinity R.C. Catholic Church on its 100-th Anniversary,  $33,000  in scholarships was awarded to students in our Polish community and numerous Canadian and Polish-Canadian  organizations received their donations  as well.  The Cultural Committee of Polonia Centre (Windsor) Inc.  oversees the Tatry Song & Dance Ensemble, organizes the Annual Dozynki and Evening of Excellence and participates in Carousel of the Nations. Polonia Centre (Windsor) sponsors a website for and about Polonia at www.poloniawindsor.ca.

Polonia Centre 2017 Sponsorships, Donations & Awards:


· Holy Trinity Church Building Fund      $75,000

· Holy Trinity 100 Year Jubilee Fund & Memorial    $17,500

· Ursuline Sisters of AHJ  $7,500



· Polish Song & Dance Ensemble “Tatry”    $10,000

· Copernicus Sundial Monument Restoration – Jackson Park    $9,000

· Polish Canadian Business & Professional Association  $2,600

· Polish Canadian Student’s Association of Windsor  $1,500

· Polonia Windsor White Eagles Sports & Recreation  $1,500

· Polish Varieties Radio WNZK  $1,000

· Polish Scouting Association of Canada, 5th Div. Windsor  $1,000

· “Polskie Nadzieje” of Windsor  $750

· Wisla Volleyball Club of Windsor   $700

· Windsor Public Library  $500

· Telewizja Detroit Inc.  $250



· Graduate Student Awards $25,000

· Undergraduate Student Awards  $8,000

· Polish Language School  $5,000

· University of Windsor Leddy Library  $3,000



2017 Total Sponsorships, Donations and Awards  $169,800

Total to Date on Record of Donations, Sponsorships and Awards

$1,035,300  since 1978

2017 Donation Recipients: Kneeling – (left to right) – Michal Zalewski (Polskie Nadzieje of Windsor), Andrzej Olichwier (Polish Scouting Association of Canada) Dr. Frank Simpson (Leddy Library UoW). Standing – (left to right) – Halina Roznawski (Polonia Centre – Vice-President), Barbara Koczwara (“Tatry” CEO), Gerry Obierski (Polonia Centre – Treasurer), Fr. Zbigniew Sawicki (Holy Trinity R.C. Church), Kathleen Pope (Windsor Public Library), Beata Slusarczyk (PCBPA), Anna Nogal (PCSAW), Zbigniew Kowalczykowski (Windsor White Eagles), Sebastian Minkiewicz (Wisla Volleyball) , Jerzy Rozalski (Polish Varieties Radio WZNK) Dorota Makarczyk (Polish Language School)

Text – Courtesy of: Mrs. Halina Roznawski

Photo – Curtest of: Mrs. Maria Kulesza


Message to all Polish-Canadian Organizations

Message to Polonia Windsor OrganizationsPlease be advised you may forward any information that you wish to appear in the Event Calendar or on your Organization’s web page by contacting the content Writer/Contributor via email: mwojewnik@poloniawindsor.ca or filling out the Submit an Article / Website Content link located in the footer of the website. At the present time, the priority is to update the Calendar with events for the upcoming months and to inform our community about events scheduled in the nearest future. You can add an event to the calendar by filling out the Add an Event to the Events Calendar link located in the footer of the website. Below are requirements regarding the submitted material – it speeds up the publication process, so please get familiar with the following documents:

Requirements regarding the submission of the  new contents to our Web site

Requirements regarding the submission of the new contents to our Web site – (Polish Translation)

Text: Maria Wojewnik  – www.PoloniaWindsor.ca  Publisher




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2012 Polonia Centre Academic Awards Application: Now Available

2012 Polonia Centre Academic Awards Application: Now Available
Download, fill out and return the awards application along with all required documents for your chance to win a 2012 Polonia Centre Academic Award.