2020 Academic Award Winners

2020 Academic Award Winners

The Polonia Centre Academic Awards Program encourages and rewards young Canadians of Polish background to strive for and attain the finest education their talents will allow.  We seek candidates who display academic excellence as well as service and a positive contribution to their school and Windsor community.  Participation in the cultivation of our Polish culture and principles are also important in the selection process.

The Scholarship Committee determined that the following students meet the above noted criteria and are pleased to grant them an award.   The Board of Directors of Polonia Centre (Windsor) Inc. believe that this program is an investment, in that, we are confident our recipients will become successful adults who will reinvest their skills and talents in our Polish and Windsor community.


This year, we are pleased to award $23,000 to ten students.  Since the inception of our Academic Award program in 1981, Polonia Centre (Windsor) Inc. has awarded a total of $467,300 to students of Polish descent in our Community.


Undergraduate Students – $2000 each\


Victor Choszczewski

VICTOR CHOSZCZEWSKI:  Victor is a 2020 graduate of St. Thomas of Villanova Catholic Secondary School.  He is enrolled in the Bachelor of Applied Science – Honours Civil Engineering program at the University of Windsor.












Hanna Jaglarz

HANNA JAGLARZ:   Hanna is a 2020 graduate of Tecumseh Vista Secondary School.   She is currently a student at the University of Waterloo pursuing a Bachelor of Architectural Studies, Honours, Co-Operative program.











Adam Jasniewicz

ADAM JASNIEWICZ:  Adam attended Ecole secondaire E. J. Lajeunesse, graduating in 2020, thus completing his elementary and secondary education in the French language.  Adam is now pursuing a Bachelor of Applied Science – Software Engineering (Co-op) at the University of Ottawa.








Adam McDonald

ADAM McDONALD:  Adam graduated in 2020 from St. Joseph’s Catholic High School.  Currently attending the University of Toronto, Adam is pursuing a degree from the Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering.











Benedykt Skrzypek

BENEDYKT SKRZYPEK:  Having graduated from Assumption College Catholic High School in 2019, Benedykt is currently a second year student at McGill University, pursuing a Bachelor of Commerce degree, majoring in Finance.











Michael Slusarczyk

MICHAEL SLUSARCZYK:  Michael attended Assumption College Catholic High School and graduated in 2020.  He is currently a first year Honours Law and Politics major at the University of Windsor.









Dominika Wojtal

DOMINIKA WOJTAL:  Dominika graduated from Holy Names Catholic High School in 2019 and is a second semester student at the University of Windsor pursuing a Bachelor of Arts, Honours – undeclared major.











Graduate Students – $3000 each


Kaz Kukiela

 KAZ KUKIELA:  Kaz is a 2020 graduate of Bachelors’ studies in English at  the Institute of Philosophy at the John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin in Poland.   He is enrolled as a student for the Master of Philosophy at the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven in Belgium.











Arlene Waryszak

ARLENE WARYSZAK:  In 2012, Arlene graduated from the University of Windsor with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (Honours) degree and is employed full-time as a Registered Nurse.  She is currently a Master’s Candidate, Primary Health Care Nurse Practitioner, at the University of Windsor.









Julia Zalewski

Julia Zalewski

JULIA ZALEWSKI:  Julia holds a Bachelor of Arts, 4 Year Political Science Degree from the University of Windsor, graduating in 2020.  Julia is now studying at Western Michigan University Cooley Law School in Lansing Michigan,










Text – Courtesy of: Mrs. Halina Roznawski – Polonia Centre (Windsor) Inc. – Scholarships Committee

Photos: Courtesy of Polonia Centre Scholarship Committee