The robotics team FRC 5883 Spice Gears from Krasnik, Poland came to to Windsor – April 8th, 9th the St. Dennis Centre of the University of Windsor –

This past September, the high school students – enthusiasts of the robotics from Krasnik, a small town in South-Eastern part of Poland, guided by Richard Kusmierczyk- a retired engineer from Windsor, Ontario – registered the first ever, FIRST robotics FRC team in Poland ( FRC 5883 Spice Gears), and they became the first such a team in the entire Eastern, and Central Europe.

The FIRST ( For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) is the largest organization of its kind in the world

You will be able to root for them during the upcoming interantional competition FRC Windsor Essex

at the St. Dennis Centre of the University of Windsor. Windsor is the host of the largest FIRST regional tournament in Canada. It is called Windsor-Essex Great Lakes Regional, and it is held every year at the University of Windsor St. Denis Centre,  (2555 College Avenue, Windsor) on April 8-9, time: 8:30-18:00

Admission free, some free parking space will be available as well – please see the event man web site:


The FRC 5883 has over 30 members comprised mainly of the high school students from Zespol Szkol Nr. 3 from Krasnik, has their own website , and the Facebook page , also a tweeter and the Instagram pages. There are 10 mentors – teachers and engineers working with the team.

25 corporations from USA, Canada, and Poland became the sponsors of the team.

The Wschodni Kluster Innowacji is the organization which manages all the office work required, including the accounting, shipping, maintaining the sponsorship agreements, etc.

All the team expenses are covered by the monetary grants received by the team from those sponsors.

No government money is used to operate the team.

The team has registered for their maiden tournament in Windsor, Ontario.

The admission is free.

The main matches will be played on Friday, April 8, ( between 8 AM  and 6 PM ), and the play offs on Saturday.

The team from Krasnik, will be competing against 51 other teams from USA and Canada, and the winners will go to the world championship tournament in St. Louis, USA 26-29 April, 2016.

The team Spice Gears ( 3 girls, 12 boys and 5 teachers/mentors)  are coming to Canada on April 4, and will stay here until April 11, 2016.

The team has received a great coverage from the media in Poland and in Canada.

The pilot article in the “Windsor Star”      – It’s going to be electric,robot-zbudowany-w-krasniku-poleci-do-kanady


TV TRWAM  20-minutes program about the team,n,1000177772.html

Group Photo: Courtesy of the Spice Gears FRC 5883 – Media Dept.

Text: Courtesy of Mr. Ryszard A. Kusmierczyk – FRC 5883 Team International Representative