The FIRST Robotic Tournament Results: The AMAZING TEAM from Krasnik, Poland – Spice Gears 5883 won the Prestigious Judges Award during the FIRST International Robotic Tournament

The AMAZING TEAM from Krasnik, Poland –  Spice Gears 5883 –   won today the Prestigious Award during the FIRST  International Robotic Tournament – after the  dramatic turn of events they won the JUDGES AWARD !!!. They had to operate their Richard  I  (this is the name of their  Robot ) – in the last minute and  reprogram it’s functions. They absolutely have done their best  considering the stressful situation, in a very professional manner, demonstrating  respect to the  judge’s decision and producing in NO time  fully operational robot, despite the pressure! All of the above while being a rookie in so many categories! Congratulations to all of these young talents/geniuses and their great Mentors !  Our Polish Community in  Windsor, especially those who came to see you at this Tournament  are  so proud of you all and we hope to see you again next year!!!! Go, Spice Gears, Go!

Spice Gears_Finals

P.S.  Our heartfelt thanks to Mr. Richard Kusmierczyk whose tireless work over the past three years ended up with such a wonderful outcome, with Mazurek Dabrowskiego played in the first place!  Dziekujemy z calego serca za takie niezapomniane przezycia !!! – On behalf of all the spectators among our Polonia, especially children from the Polish Language School – Maria Wojewnik

Enclosed is the link to the original post  “The robotics team FRC 5883 Spice Gears from Krasnik, Poland came to to Windsor – April 8th, 9th the St. Dennis Centre of the University of Windsor –”  informing  Polonia in Canada about the arrival of the  Spice Gears Team from Krasnik Poland.  Original  Text: Courtesy of: Mr. Richard Kusmierczyk

More details about the final results in  “Windsor Star


52 Teams  from Canada, United States and Poland

1500 Students (participants)

and large crowds…

See you next year!

Text – Courtesy Of: Maria Wojewnik

Group Photo – Courtesy of:  Spice Gears FRC 5883 – Media Dept.

Spice Gears Logo – Courtesy of: Patryk Rola